AC Dance Examinations

AC Dance was set up in 2005 to serve as an examination and certification body for students for social dance. Through providing comprehensive standards for dance examinations, AC Dance is a recognized body for the certification of dancers. We hope that this will help to elevate the standard of social dance, as well as to be a learning aid for dance students.

AC Dance certifies the following dances:
Salsa On1, On2, Cuban, Rueda, Bachata, Merengue, Zouk, Kizomba, Afro Cuban, Hip Hop, Argentine Tango, Belly Dance, Sensual, Jazz, Jazroc, Ballet, West Coast Swing, Contemporary, Salcaa, Jazz Funk, Reggaeton, Stilettos, Brazilian Samba, Yoga, Pilates and more.

The value of certification, even for social dancers, lies mainly in its use as a setter of standards. Students will be able to gauge, judge, and track the progress of their learning, as well as get a better idea of where they stand in relation to their peers. It is obvious and universally accepted that social dance is free-flowing and not restricted to a rigid set of rules or regulations. However, we believe that at the core of every good dancer are certain basics such as proper posture and form, an understanding of how to lead or follow, and the ability to follow the music. AC Dance certification helps dancers of all levels to gauge their proficiency in these fundamentals and will be an invaluable tool for social dancers who are concerned and serious about improving the way they look, feel and lead/ follow on the dance floor.

Certification are for social dancers and are graded from Level 1 - 10

AC Dance Bronze Level 1: US$100

Certification for level 2: US$100

Certification for level 3 to 5: US$150

Certification for level 6 to 10: US$250

Certification for one dance: US$100

The above cost does not include the cost of bringing the examiner to your city
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